The Phenomena of Female Gangs

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Introduction phenomena of female gangs / Definition of female gangs
In the past, there were only a few studies about female gangs as the number of female gangs was not significant.However, a survey researching on the membership structure and the distribution of the local gangs states that there were only 6% of the gangsters were female in 2001 but according to two Youth Outreaching Teams of federation four years later, the number of female gang members has been doubled to around 15%. This growth worths paying attendtions to because this lead to a social problem involves of interaction between both external factors which includes family, school and the society and internal factors which contains self esteem and sex role.

In this
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Characteristics of the structural functionalism
The parts of the society are independent that they maintain their boundaries within their environment but at the same time that part are interrelated that have impacts on the others. The society itself can be said to be statics or involved an ordered process of change and self-maintenance involving controlling the boundaries and the relationships to a whole. The division of labor and positions helps to maintain balance that each parts are interrelated to create the efficiency and harmony in which the sense that the most capable individuals must be motived to fill the most important roles and positions.

If the parts fail to fulfill the positions or functionalism, some deviant acts occur.

Strain toward anomie
According to Merton, the difference between cultural goal and legitimated means is called anomie. Cultural goal is goals that are generally accepted by the society while legitimated means are ways that are available in the society to achieve those goals. If they fail to accept either legitimated means or achieve those goals or to use those legitimated means to achieve those goal, deviant acts occur.

1. Conformity adaptation
They are individuals as they accept culturally defined goals and they try to use those legitimated means to achieve it. Let’s say if someone agrees the cultural goal is to be wealthy and she is willing to study hard under a fair equal education platform, she falls into
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