The Phenomenon Of Human Migration

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1. Understanding of the phenomenon of human migration. My understanding of human migration was stretched in that I learned a lot about factors that lead to migration and how immigrants are affected by migration. This course taught me that people immigrate to other countries, not because they want to leave their homes, but because they have no other choice. Immigrants are forced to leave behind everything in order to save their lives as they escape from war, violence, poverty, and in search of a better life. Currently in America, whenever people talk about immigration, they often refer to it in terms of a political issue, especially those people in support of Trump 's immigration policy. However, from reading Daniel Groody’s article…show more content…
It was from doing this that I learned about the migration crises from different countries in depth. Among the current events that I researched, one that left the deepest impression on me was the migration and refugee crisis in Nigeria. This is because whenever people talk about the crisis in Nigeria, they often fail to mention that North-Eastern Nigerians are fleeing from their homes to escape the violence that has been caused by Boko Haram. Instead, they mostly televise the Boko Haram crisis of the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping. Because of this, I did not know that a huge migration crisis existed in Nigeria. Furthermore, the crisis left the deepest impression on me because it has been concluded that the Nigerian migration crisis dwarfs any migration crisis seen in Europe in recent years, yet the media fails to focus on the issue like it focuses on other migration crises. To make matters worse, the Nigerian government has asked the international community to help, but it has largely failed. This made me question whether the international community’s refusal to help was because Nigeria is a third world country overly populated by black people, especially because most of the media from first world countries do not see the need to bring awareness to the crisis. It was interesting to learn that North-Eastern Nigerians do not only immigrate to other countries but also seek refuge in Monguno and
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