The Phenomenon Of Language Anxiety

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The phenomena of language anxiety are an important theme in the second language acquisition. Foreign language anxiety is associated with curriculum, cultural and cognitive aspects. Foreign language anxiety is an influential factor in the students` academic performance, with association with motivation, gender and self-esteem. This study investigates the relationship between ELL and anxiety level with an emphasis on gender. The participants will consist of 40-50 students between the ages of 18-20 who are enrolled in English studies at the English department at the University of Wyoming. A Data will be collected through foreign language anxiety Scale (FLCAS), Surveys will be sent by e-mail using the WYO server. The study will use T- test to analyze data. I anticipate that the results will indicate a significant correlation between the academic performance and the gender due to cultural and social variables with no significant difference between their performance and the grade level of attendance.
Introduction and Background This critical quantitative research examines the problematic feature of foreign language acquisition; it is based on anxiety measurement and its relevance to the foreign language acquisition. The research discusses the individual difference, which influence the learning process and the implications of the anxiety. The research results will demonstrate the various factors and variables, which contribute to the phenomena with relevance to students…
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