The Phenomenon Of Language Anxiety

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The phenomena of language anxiety are an important theme in the second language acquisition. Foreign language anxiety is associated with curriculum, cultural and cognitive aspects. Foreign language anxiety is an influential factor in the students` academic performance, with association with motivation, gender and self-esteem. This study investigates the relationship between ELL and anxiety level with an emphasis on gender. The participants will consist of 40-50 students between the ages of 18-20 who are enrolled in English studies at the English department at the University of Wyoming. A Data will be collected through foreign language anxiety Scale (FLCAS), Surveys will be sent by e-mail using the WYO server. The study will use T- test to…show more content…
Importantly, the study will provide the audience with information about the causes and effects of language anxiety as a central constructive element of the language acquisition and the negative results of the anxiety on the students` performance and learning. The anxiety factor can act as a mental block, which prevents the students from foreign language acquisition (Horwitz & Cope, 2014). Anxiety factor falls under the psychological factors. Curran and Stevick identified anxiety`s associative role with language learning and the investigation of the provoking potentiality. The significance of their research stems from the findings that illustrated the influence of the language teaching methods as a threatening element of the language acquisition. Also, Guiora stated that language learning is “a profoundly unsettling psychological proposition” “ Because it directly threatens and individual`s self concept and world-view.” The increase in the numbers of the college students enrolling in language courses as a requirement for acceptance at the universities, illustrated a phenomena of negative experiences and failures during their course of study. Cases if delayed enrollment was reported (Young, 1991), in addition to selecting other specialties to avoid language course, were also indicated by Horwitz and Cope in 1986. . Consequently, The previous researchers illustrated anxiety as a direct cause for failure and
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