The Phenomenon that Is Gossip Girl

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The cultural phenomenon that is the television show Gossip Girl is centered around the extravagant lives of privileged Manhattanites, and how the cluster of main characters are constantly falling in and out of love. Viewers of the show can be found all across the globe; as of 2012, the show had been broadcast in 197 countries. The show was declared by New York Magazine the “Best Show Ever”. With the reviews in and the show declared a success, there is still one nagging question: why? Why is the show so popular and influential? The answer lies within the major plot themes. In watching every episode of the series, it becomes apparent that there are compelling themes carried throughout that the average viewer is drawn to. The characters in…show more content…
However, the more debauched acts that the characters take part in while of high school age are not nearly as common amongst teens, simply because the average teen does not have access to empowering wealth and minimal parental supervision that enable the GG Upper East Siders to have outrageous sex lives. The representation of these popular fantasies as being more common than they really are is wildly misleading to impressionable viewers, but one must keep in mind that the show is really just giving the viewers what they want to see. People want to be shocked by the show, and they want to see their sexual reveries carried out in a romanticized fashion. On that front, GG more than delivers. Casual sex is one of the most common themes in this television series. Sex saturates each episode of the show; in just one episode (the thirteenth episode of the first season), there was a total of 34 sex references in the 41 minute running time, equalling about .83 references per minute (Rocco 20). In the first three minutes of the pilot episode, there were displays of teenagers participating in intercourse, kissing, and erotic touching. The conflicts that arise from frequent casual sex, such as disease and unwanted pregnancy, are rarely if ever acknowledged by the characters. There seems to be no repercussions for these risky behaviors, except for
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