The Philadelphia Eagles : It 's Time For Work

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2015 Philadelphia Eagles: It 's Time to Work The National Football League. A level of football where the best of the best are payed to strut their stuff and show why they are the best of the best and deserved to get paid big bucks for what they do. The NFL is composed of 32 professional teams. But today I’m here to talk about only one of the 32 teams known as the Philadelphia Eagles. They are one of my favorite teams and I support them through thick and thin. In 2015, the Philadelphia Eagles media staff released a hype video for the 2015-2016 season called: It’s Time to Work with former Eagle Safety Brian Dawkins being the speaker in the video. He was a reasonable choice for the 2015 hype video due to his powerful voice and how much of an influence he was on the city of Philadelphia. Today, I will be analyzing the video using rhetorical analysis.
Before I begin, here is a little brief history on the Philadelphia Eagles and who the speaker of the video really is. The Philadelphia Eagles are an NFL team based in Philadelphia, PA. The franchise was established in 1933 which is about 83 years ago. They were formally known as the Frankford Yellow Jackets until the franchise went bankrupt and was brought back under the name of the Philadelphia Eagles. The franchise went on to win 3 NFL championships in 1948, 1949, and 1960. In the Super Bowl era, the Eagles have won three conference championships, were division champions 13 times and have made 24 playoff appearances and have…
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