The Philadelphia Municipal Law Enforcement

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The Philadelphia Municipal Court has something very important in common with law enforcement. Just as law enforcement serves as the initial interaction that people have with the criminal justice system, the municipal court serves the initial interaction that people have with the criminal court process. The municipal court is the beginning stage of the criminal court process and they are tasked with hearing every criminal matter that takes place in the city of Philadelphia. Since the court plays such an integral part in the community and is in constant contact with members of the community, they are committed to providing excellent service for all by means of working with the public, bar, criminal justice agencies and the judiciary. Along with providing excellent service, they are charged with upholding The Constitution as well as assuring that justice is the center of all of its proceedings. Moreover, the Philadelphia Municipal Court outlines five standards to achieve these goals: access to justice; expedition and timelines; equality, fairness, and integrity; independence and accountability; and public trust and confidence. Though the goals of the Municipal Court are admirable it seems that all of them aren’t very realistic or actually being put into practice due to the high volume of cases that they have to manage. For example, the staff of the Municipal Court is supposed to treat everyone with respect and integrity. Sometimes it has been the case that the staff is very
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