The Philippine Culture Of Hercules, California

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Over the last month I have had the opportunity to spend time with some friends of our family. The culture in which I had the privilege was the Philippine Culture in Hercules, California, where the entire town is predominantly Filipino. The culture is rich in heritage and tradition as will be expressed throughout the remainder of this essay.
During my visit to Hercules, California I stayed with Loretta and Nopracio Malanzo. Loretta is a real estate and her husband Nopracio is a retired coast guard chef. The Malanzo’s are very true to their traditions and their culture consists of more than just lupia and panzit. Their family is extremely close, their children and grandchildren mean the world to them. Nopracio and Loretta babysit all
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While being in California I was able to attend Michelle their 18-year-old daughters, “coming of age celebration”. This is the formal presentation for young women in the culture to be presented to society. This particular coming of age celebration was a formal affair with a strict dress code of a suit and tie for the men, dresses for the women and a ball gown for Michelle, with the color theme of the celebration being pink and lavender.
Much of my visit was spent with Michelle, Christopher and Ojay the three children of Nopracio and Loretta, because we are relatively all close in age and we have children the same ages. Michelle has matured into a young adult, she has physically slowed down in growth, but she is still growing both in social development and emotional development. She is a beautiful woman now her hair is long down to the middle of her back and she is no longer preoccupied with her body changing, consequently she has discovered that her beauty is unsurpassed and she is now in command of her own physical body. However, she does not realize that she still has emotional and social growth continuing ahead of her.
Spending time with Michelle is a delight. He cognitive abilities are through the roof. She is making plans for which college to attend based of her desire to become a pediatrician. She has set long term goals for where she wants to be in 10 years and has made smaller goals to get to that step. She currently has a job working at the youth center
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