The Philippine Health Care Delivery System

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THE PHILIPPINE HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEM HEALTH CARE SYSTEM * an organized plan of health services (Miller-Keane, 1987) HEALTH CARE DELIVERY * rendering health care services to the people (Williams-Tungpalan, 1981). HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEM (Williams-Tungpalan, 1981) * the network of health facilities and personnel which carries out the task of rendering health care to the people. PHILIPPINE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM * is a complex set of organizations interacting to provide an array of health services (Dizon, 1977). COMPONENTS OF THE HEALTH DELIVERY SYSTEM The Department of Health Mandate: The Department of Health shall be responsible for the following: formulation and development of national health policies, guidelines,…show more content…
* Medical practitioners, nurses and midwives. C. FIRST LINE HOSPITAL PERSONNEL * provide back up health services for cases that require hospitalization * establish close contact with intermediate level health workers or village health workers. * Physicians with specialty, nurses, dentist, pharmacists, other health professionals. TWO-WAY REFERRAL SYSTEM (Niace, et. al. 8th edition 1995) A two-way referral system need to be established between each level of health facility e.g. barangay health workers refer cases to the rural health team, who in turn refer more serious cases to either the district hospital, then to the provincial, regional or the whole health care system. Public P Barangay Health O Health Worker Nurse 2nd 3rd P H F H F U E A E A L Barangay RHU A C A C A Health Midwife Physician L I L I T Stations T L T L I H I H I O T T N RHS Sanitary Y Y Midwife Inspector MULTISECTORAL APPROACH TO HEALTH (NLGNI, 8th edition, 1995) The level of health of a community is largely the result of a combination of factors. Other health-related Systems (government/ private Ways of Community Health Care The Health System People (Cultural)
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