The Philippines: A Struggling Economy

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The Philippines has long been a country with a struggling economy. Ever since World War II, they have struggled to have a steady government and labor system. Independence did not bring any social changes to the country. The hacienda system still persists in the country, where large estates are farmed by sharecroppers. More the half the population are peasants and 20 percent of the population owns 60 percent of the land. Although the sharecropper is supposed to receive half of the harvest, most of the peasant's actual income goes to paying off debts to the landowner. Poverty and conflict strained the industrial growth of the country with many Presidents trying to fix the problems, but failing to do so. Factors that have faced the…show more content…
It has become a serious problem particularly in Manila. Authorities have acknowledges an average of 18 murders are committed in the country every day and kidnappings, rapes, and drug related crimes are also frequent. The high level of crime is a reason why foreign investors do not favor the Philippines, and is a factor in the fall in tourists. Organized crime within the Philippines mainly deals with drug-trafficking. The huge sums earned in the drug trade attract politicians, law enforcement officials, and leading business figures, which undermine attempts to reduce official corruption. There have been many political figures who have been accused of having cooperated with one of the drug gangs while heading a national police. The Philippines has had little success in stopping the drug problems within the country. Companies within the Philippines which include foreign firms are very concerned with the crime that is rampant within the country, which hurts the economy if there are no businesses willing to take the risk in investing their money into the country. The Philippines is one of the largest island groups in the world. There are more then 7,100 islands which extend 1,851 km north to south. There are 84.6 million people living on the islands of the Philippines with very high densities in the metropolitan areas like Manila, and the neighboring areas of Central Luzon. Trends that have been occurring are that people are living less in
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