The Philosophies of John Stuart Mill as a Guide for the World

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The Philosophies of John Stuart Mill as a Guide for the World Dr. Pest's comments: This student's term paper is a model of how to apply the philosophical concepts of a previous century to our present society. She showed how the ideas of John Stuart Mill can be used by intelligent people to construct a society with more opportunities for women and to insure respect for intellectual freedom. As the world moves into the twenty-first century, it faces many problems. War, disease, over-population, and starvation are examples of problems that have yet to be solved. However, progress has been made in many areas that aid in the reduction of human misery. Diseases, through research and scientific study, are better understood—many that…show more content…
If people around the world would adopt the philosophy of John Stuart Mill, the world might become a more intelligent, and therefore tolerant, place in which to live. John Stuart Mill espoused beliefs on the subjection of women and theism, which, if embraced by the majority of people in the world, would put a stop to much of the oppression the world, now endures. Mill was a philosopher who took the unusual stance that women should be considered equal to men in all respects and given the same opportunities as men. He had very strong feelings on the subject, and in his essay entitled "The Subjection of Women" he states, ... the principle which regulates the existing social relations between the two sexes--the legal subordination of one sex to the other-4s wrong in itself, and now one of the chief hindrances to human improvement; and that it ought to be replaced by a principle of perfect equality, admitting no power or privilege on the one side, nor disability on the other.1 [1] In this essay Mill admits the difficulty of achieving this, but defends his ideas by showing that the position of authority held by men is not a result of the comparison of several kinds of systems being tried and its having been found to be the best system, but that it is the only system that has ever been tried. As a result, one cannot not use past experience to say that women are incapable of being in positions of authority. In this essay Mill states, In the first
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