The Philosophy Behind Phantoms ' A Ghost '

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Jules Fantillo
Mr. Brown
English 9 (Hour 2)
14 March 2016
The Philosophy Behind Phantoms
A ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear in visible form or other manifestation to the living. These paranormal beings have been talked about for many years. Witnesses admitted to having seen spirits walking among Earth after death; taking on many forms and supposedly haunt various buildings and locations. Ghosts, phantoms, apparitions, spirits, and specters are divergent words, but all define a being that was once living but is now earthbound. No actual evidence has been found to prove their existence, so scientists are unable to claim that they exist. There is reason to believe that spirits may roam Earth due to the
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Shadow ghosts are unexplained shadows that are dark in color and are said to be evil, or bad luck, for their gloomy appearance. Commonly spotted in reflective areas, such as mirrors and windows, most are seen inside houses or outside at a distance, so anywhere where the presence of ghosts are felt would have the chance of holding a phantom there (Stone 20-21).
Furthermore, ghosts have made history through encounters with iconic figures. One of the first evidence of ghost sightings came from the first century A.D.; by the Roman author and statesman, Pliny the Younger. He was well known for the stories of his encounters with these phantoms, and became one of the most significant ghost story writers during the Roman Empire. Haunting his home in Athens, he claimed to have seen an apparition in the form of an old man with a long beard, clasping rattling chains. Another witness of ghost sightings included Lucian, a Greek writer, and Roman Plautus, who also wrote noteworthy ghost stories as well. The first poltergeist was revealed in 856 A.D. afflicting a family who lived i a farmhouse in Germany. Lucian claimed that the phantom involved threw stones, started fires, and caused a major disturbance for the scarred family
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