The Philosophy Branch Of Epistemology

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1. The first thing that I found interesting was the philosophy branch of epistemology. In the text it states, “The branch of philosophy that studies the nature, sources, and validity of knowledge is epistemology” (Knight, 2008, p. 20). I had never known the actual philosophy names and this particular branch deals with many things that I believe in as far as reality. Epistemology deals with the human thinking and how nature affects human thought.
2. Existentialism was another area that I related to within this class. It makes sense since this was the philosophy used in education during my school days. This is also the philosophy that we are gearing our education towards due to its focus on individualism. Knight writes, “This is undoubtedly due to the fact that it is deeply concerned with the emotions of individuals, rather than being primarily concerned with the intellect” (Knight, 2008, p. 75). I think this truly is the face of how education should be addressed, deal with the individual emotions and then work on the instruction.
3. Futurism is another philosophy that I would like to incorporate into my classroom. I believe that this philosophy teaches change, but keeps the humanism alive. Knight (2008) states, “The aim of the futurists is to help prepare people to respond to change and make choices in an intelligent manner as humanity moves into the future that has more than one possible configuration” (p. 127). I am constantly teaching children that their actions

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