The Philosophy Of A Professional Foundation

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Having a strong foundation is a key building block to becoming a successful citizen in your personal and professional life. My personal ethics have expanded off of the knowledge I have acquired through this class that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Foundations for Professionals has given me an enhanced perceptive on being a professional as I continue to pursue my degree in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice. My approach to communication, collaboration, and problem solving has been enhanced. These skills have shown me that in order for anyone to be a qualified professional you must first learn the basic building blocks before you can be a productive citizen in any organization. Knowledge is gained from learning, and understanding comes for experience which is something that can never be taken from you.

The underlying philosophy for a professional foundation are the ethics and laws an individual and company has. Ethics are personal or organizational rules about what is morally good and bad. People in general have a similar idea of what is ethical. As a society we need and value ethical people, and want to be around them. Individuals and organizations that pay attention to ethics and law do better and are more favorable to the consumer. Laws are a general consensus that provides clues to what society views as right and wrong. In order function as a society there needs to be both a balance of ethics and law to remain stable. Aristotle once said,…
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