The Philosophy Of A Professional Foundation

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Having a strong foundation is a key building block to becoming a successful citizen in your personal and professional life. My personal ethics have expanded off of the knowledge I have acquired through this class that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Foundations for Professionals has given me an enhanced perceptive on being a professional as I continue to pursue my degree in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice. My approach to communication, collaboration, and problem solving has been enhanced. These skills have shown me that in order for anyone to be a qualified professional you must first learn the basic building blocks before you can be a productive citizen in any organization. Knowledge is gained from learning, and…show more content…
Many employers seek to hire individuals with strong communication skills, and who are social. These skills also help to have better interpersonal relationships with family and friends. Communication is a two-way process between the messenger and receiver. That involves how we express or exchange information, ideas, thoughts, and feelings to someone else. When you first begin to communicate think about what you want to communicate and how you want to communicate. You should aim to increase clear understanding of how the receiver perceives the information given. This is why it is best to know who you are communicating with, and why they are listening to you. Second, present the information in a format that avoids information overload. People can only handle so much information at one time. Use visual aids that only support your point. Distractions can draw attention away from you and or the information you are trying to communicate. Third, you must know the information that you are trying to communicate. In general people can tell you if you don’t have an understanding of what you are communicating. You have to show interest and enthusiasm to keep your receiver engaged and interested in the information you are sharing. The receiver also has a role to play in the communication process. Being as active listening is an
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