The Philosophy Of A Teacher

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Educators have a tremendous responsibility not only to prepare students for their lives ahead but also contribute to the evolution of knowledge for future generations. Each generation educates the next and as the torch is passed we refine our methods. The philosophy of education seeks to study the process and discipline of education in order to understand how it works. The philosophy of a teacher is his or her description of their goals and beliefs and how they will be put into action in a classroom. Teaching is recognized as one of the most challenging and respected career choices one can make .The teacher’s task is sometimes difficult based on the subject and the age of the students to which he or she is trying to teach.
These philosophies or ideas will change based on one 's experience and training. I believe as Erickson who was a philosopher on education, who believed that” children go through a series of mini crisis as they mature and it is a part of the educator’s duties to assist them in making the transition as they proceed through life. When these crisis present themselves as a behavior problem that prevent me from contributing to the transition and evolution of that student’s knowledge, then the parents must become involved. The first institution of a child where he or she learns is their home and the environment provided by their parents. The
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