The Philosophy Of Adult Learning And Methods Of Delivery

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Introduction The demands of today’s society require that many professionals continue to learn throughout their careers in order to maintain relevancy in a quickly changing world. Educators also face the growing demand for accountability as they prepare students for a future that cannot be predicted. With this pressure for change and accountability, practicing educators seek effective and efficient ways to modify their curriculum and to improve instruction and assessment strategies that will allow their students to succeed now and in the future. Educators learn informally on a daily basis as they interact with their students and peers and formally through learning experiences initiated either internally by the teacher or externally by…show more content…
Many of these principles are based upon elements of andragogical practice. For example, one of the core elements of andragogy is self-directed learning which is now incorporated at some level in many models of effective professional learning for teachers. However, self-direction and other andragogical principles are often ignored or diminished because of ignorance of adult learning principles or due to limitations of resources such as time, finances, and expertise. For example, Webster-Wright (2009) noted that the decontextualization of professional learning reinforces a perceived division between what is learned by the teacher and what is actually put into practice in the classroom. Because of limited exposure to the principles and application of adult learning, teachers and principals possess varying levels of knowledge of andragogy and of self-directedness. This limitation impacts educator satisfaction with professional learning that is based on principles of andragogy and principles of effective professional learning. This literature review will consider the impact of professional learning on the practices of teachers and on student achievement. The review will also research current common practices of professional learning utilized by school districts as well as principles of effectiveness for professional learning for teachers. The Johnson Effectiveness of Professional Learning 3
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