The Philosophy Of Aristotle 's Philosophy

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Within each of our existences, we as social creatures desire friendship/social interaction which comforts us on the confusing journey we call life. I believe that through my interpretation of Aristotle’s philosophy, that we all have friends when seeing the world through Aristotle’s philosophy. Aristotle describes friendship as being made up of mutual feelings of good intentions between two individuals. According to him, there are 3 different types of friendships that make up the base of social interactions. The first out of 3 types of friendships that he talks about is Utility based friendships. These types of friendships are based on the benefits/trading that the two individuals can gain from each other. These are most often formed by individuals with opposite personalities. The decision making process involved in forming these types of relationships are based on long term benefit, or time to benefit ratio. This type of relationship is characterized as shallow, weak, and easily dissolved. The most problems occur in this type of relationship due to the deviation in valuing one another’s service. For example, Billy and Bob are friends/roommates, Billy made a painting as a gift for Bob in exchange for paying his half of the rent, Bob believes that while being appreciative of the painting, that it is worth less than the price of the rent he couldn’t pay and insists that Bob either starts pulling his own weight or hits the road to find additional income and a different…
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