The Philosophy Of Aristotle 's Philosophy

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Aquinas derived his philosophy from his views of christianity and the works of artsophile. This can be seen in his views of how to achieve knowledge, he states that “ “ ( ) God according to him has created the universe and has omnestent, overseeing all actions by humans.
God is the highest source of knowledge and has authority over all things. The goal for humanity is to gain some of this knowledge and gain true happiness that achieve through god. Soul according to Aquinas is immortal, derived from the divine. Therefore the sense allows for some knowledge to be gained through reason. Philosophy finds knowledge through reason and rationality to make predications of world around. But humans are flawed in their perceptions of the world and therefore reasoning can become false. Therefore philosophy alone can never gain god’s insight. Religion and the study of the sacraments of god along with faith, which allows for divine revelation. This divine human and reasoning is the only way to achieve happiness. This limitation of knowledge is the key to Aquinas political theory. In order for any human system of government to be able to lead to the true happiness, it has to have divine guideess.

Aquinas politics therefore is an extinion of his believe in the authority of god. His idea of politics is that a single ruler would create the best government. This is because one person ruling is seen as more “natural”, as seen in the way, “god is in his kingdom.” God like the individual…
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