The Philosophy Of Azure College A Nursing Institution

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Concept Usage in a Professional Practice Model
Nursing career is one of the most respectful professions not only in the United States but also around the world. The remarkable aspect that makes nursing in such position is the evolution of the nursing theorists, the nursing theories, and the nursing philosophy. Among of these three, the nursing philosophy is the one that really identifies the nursing mission, and the fundamental evidence-based practice of nursing. In this case, many health organizations include nursing schools design a nursing philosophy which develops the concept of their existence, their mission statement, and their visions to the society in which they are serving to. In this paper, the philosophy of Azure College a
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Furthermore, the philosophy of nursing embraces ethical values that grasp as basic and bases nurse’s beliefs in theory. The empirical of values and beliefs are congruent with the leadership concept in the nursing profession. In the concept of nursing philosophy in defining of nursing leadership, it includes a statement that refers to a goal of helping clients adapt to illness and achieve their highest level of functioning. By identifying the nature of practice, theoretical relationships become apparent.
A concept from your organization’s nursing philosophy or professional practice model.
The value and philosophy of Azure College are nursing leadership. the Azure college believes nursing is a professional discipline with academic and practice dimensions. Decision-making in promoting the leader into the nursing career is important because nursing needs leaders to provide good and safe patient care management. The institution of Azure College values vision for nursing education and academic integrity and seeks to foster professional involvement and life-long learning in students and graduates. The faculties at Azure College foster the sense of caring to their students as an example to provide the good and or better care to their patients. The center thoughts nursing is grounded in the meaning of caring. The Azure College believes in developing a good relationship between students, staff, and administrators.
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