The Philosophy Of Education And Education

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The philosophy of education seeks to study the process and discipline of education in order to understand how it works, improve its methods and perfect its purposes in today’s society. How this is done is determined by how well the learner internalizes the concepts of the discipline taught by the educator. Educators have a tremendous responsibility not only to prepare students for their lives ahead, but also to contribute to the evolution of knowledge for future generations. Each generation not only educates the next but also improves our way of thinking. Ideally, every teacher has a philosophy of education setting a certain tone in the classroom and establishes a goal to see whether or not the expectations of students’ performances are being reached. In today’s society, every student needs a positive role model. As a teacher, you take on the responsibility of implementing empathy, respect, confidence, and motivation within each classroom environment. By fostering a “2nd home” type of atmosphere, I believe that students will translate a feeling of acceptance into a desire to succeed in both their academic and personal lives. The combination of nurture and discipline will give each student the foundation needed to achieve their goals. Driving a student to realize their potential is an important task that only dedicated teachers can instill. Tracing back to the 19th century, Friedrich Froebel, a European educator, created one of the most innovative philosophies of
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