The Philosophy Of Emile Durkheim And The Roman Catholic Church

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In the following paper I will be in detail explaining the academic experience of visiting and observing a Roman Catholic Church and lastly I will shortly also incorporate the theory of Emile Durkheim and the Roman Catholic Church I completed a field study on. For my site visit I visited St Thomas Aquinas Church in Charlotte, North Carolina off of Suther road near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I started to look up different churches in the area of Catholic churches in Charlotte and this was the first church to appear to me on the internet. I decided to go to the 9:30 mass or also called a liturgy on a Sunday. I did look over the churches scheduled masses and they had them everyday of the week. I arrived there about ten minutes before 9:30 dressed appropriately in a skirt and a dressy shirt, so that I could follow and respect the instructions of the pamphlet that the church provided online. I parked my car and gathered my tablet and sat in the back pews, so that I could take notes quietly. Before the service started I looked over the papers and booklet that the church provided to see what it included. The booklet included a letter from the priest, readings for the week from the bible, hymnals from the Vatican, mass intentions, prayer requests, stewardships, ministries, confirmations, and the priests and deacons as follows Rev. Patrick Winslow, Rev. Jason Christian, Rev. Matthew Kauth, and Deacons Rev. Mr. James Witulski, Rev. Mr. Joseph Diaz. I walked
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