The Philosophy Of English 101

Good Essays
Throughout my educational years, I had only done writings that involves in small research papers, MLA style essays, and summary essays. However, English 101 has given me a new way to look at my writing skills. Most of the writings I have been doing so far in this course were interpretative essays where we interpreted and reflected on other’s writing and then reflecting back to ours own writing. This class also has given me the opportunity to work with my classmates and a chance to discuss about the writing strategy they made in their papers versus the strategy I made in my papers. In addition, I find the in-class activity to be very useful because it allows me to see other’s perspectives and feedbacks. The in-class activities were class discussions, group works, and conference with the instructor. At the end of the semester, the class objective was to pick out two best interpretative essays that we have been working on with a final reflective essay to include in our final portfolio. So for the rest of this essay, I would like to talk about my two best interpretive essays that I have decided to include in my final portfolio: “Death of a Funeral Business”, and “No Time to think” and “Time Ain’t Money”. The first interpretative essay I choose is, “Death of a Funeral Business” by Sandy Hingston. The purpose of my essay were to write about the way Hingston constructed her article in a way that her readers would have a positive response to. Hingston does a very good job at
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