The Philosophy Of Nursing Is The Essence Of A Successful

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The philosophy of nursing is the essence of a successful health care practice. The idea of helping patients lies in the understanding of their needs. It is the approach that helps me to perceive the nature of a successful nursing practice. In fact, the best health care professionals are as people know them since they have their personal philosophy of nursing. Thus, the vast majority of patients trust such nurses and are eager to follow their recommendations on the medical interventions. The purpose of this investigation is to outline my personal philosophy of nursing. It relates to the position of building relationships with patients and considering their needs in the first turn. All the findings are supported by relevant literature review…show more content…
It should apply irrespective of the patients’ illnesses (Kim, 2015). (Dahnke & Dreher, 2015) Considering my personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about the concepts of the nursing meta-paradigm, I think that my personalized philosophy of nursing recognizes the personal willingness of people to recover. However, it should be addressed from the position of the nurses willing to help the patient. Such is the foundation for building trust and understanding between the medical personnel and patients. It relates to their personal principles of the health care practices that could discipline themselves. The purpose is to take advantage of the conventional medical paradigms that could save the lives of people. To my mind, it is also vital to examine the overall environments of patients that highly influences their health conditions. Such ideas are fundamental in my personal philosophy of nursing since they correspond to the interests of the contemporary society. Thus, the medical professionals should be caring for their patients with the help of their personal abilities and professional competencies. Besides, the holistic perspectives of the health care professionals help them to benefit from their personalized approach in the nursing practice. The goal is to
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