The Philosophy Of Social Science Summary

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The philosophy of social science is the branch of philosophy that involves examining concepts, the methods, and the logic of the social sciences (Fay, 2016, P.1). Gordon (1991, P.2), defined social science as using the scientific method to study human social behaviour. Therefore, this branch analyses the cooperation of human beings with the aim of achieving objectives collectively rather than individually. Furthermore, the philosophers of social science are concerned with the investigation of the social science practices and the nature of human beings.
The purpose of this paper is to critically review Martin Hollis’s, The Philosophy of Social Science. The paper will analyse the author’s objective regarding the book, the approach taken by the author, the strength, and weaknesses of the book as well as what the readers might find useful from the book.
The author sets out to define and examine the explanation and understanding of the major theme in the social world. The concept of understanding centers on a proposition that the social world preferably ought to be understood from within rather than being explained from outside (Hollis, 2011, p.16).
The concept of holism and individualism is also addressed as a minor theme. Holism implies that human beings are morally responsible for what they do and the most valued forms of political organisation are determined socially and thus rest on illusion (Hollis, 2011, p.107). The concept of individualism is defined from social
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