The Philosophy Of Teaching And Teaching

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Teaching is among the most intricate, eternal and beautiful professions and as a visionary and cultural leader I know that education transcends time and place, deriving much from both social, cultural context and individual style. I am committed to continuously improve my practices with the desire that my leading example instills in my students and colleagues the passion and enthusiasm for learning and teaching. I am a dedicated, resourceful educational professional who consistently take part in training opportunities designed to strength and improve educator’s pedagogical skills, monitor policies and practices that promote a safe learning environment.
As a managerial leader, collaboration and good communication in the school setting is very important to me because “Effective principals are effective managers. They must communicate, develop relationships, and coordinate efforts of teachers, assistant principals, custodians, secretaries, counselors, librarians” (Alby & Robbins, 1998, P. 16). In my district I lead for two years the Language Acquisition PLC for middle schools and became an active member of the Building Leadership Team, Standards Reference Grading Building Implementation Team, Educational Equity Committee. State wide, I am a member of the Collaboration for Kids Oversight Team, World Languages & Culture Team, Iowa State University STEM Equity Team and Outstanding Educators of Iowa Committee. All these opportunities enabled me to help, learn from and lead my
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