The Philosophy Of The Religion Of Buddhism

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Religion essay In many religions they are similar principles and philosophy that we live by. The philosophy of the religion of Buddhism, is to live is to suffer. Often people ask "what is the meaning of life?" and different religions find a way to interpret the answer to this question in their own way. For example, the Christianity religion often answers this questions by saying that we are here on earth to help those in need and to do Gods will. Others questions may be "how can I live my life, so that I would be free of suffering?" and this is where the Buddhism religion comes in. As part of this religion, the Buddhas find a way to stop or lessen the suffering of one, by following very simple laws, principles, or simply by following suggestions. However, it is not mandatory to follow these alternatives, therefore if you wish to not follow them, then you don 't have too although its would be in your benefit too. To live is to suffer in a Buddhist point of view is the idea of the inevitable suffering, that no matter who you are, in your life you will experience suffering. Suffering is depicted in the religion itself by the origins of their founder Siddhartha Gautama, through their principles, and lastly through any other general aspects of the religion of Buddhism. Firstly, what does the term Buddha really mean? A man once asked the Buddha "Not who are you but what are you" and the Buddha answer, I am awake meaning that he is awake, aware of everything (insight). The…
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