The Philosophy of Socrates: a Lover of Wisdom

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Running Head: THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOCRATES 1 The Philosophy of Socrates: A Lover of Wisdom (2052 Words) THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOCRATES 2 The lessons of life that are delivered by Socrates act as a basis for Western philosophy. Plato, the writer of The Apology, significantly respects Socrates and his dialogues act as a framework for our understanding in the passages. Our only record of his life comes from his associates, as Socrates never documented his opinions. A clear expression of Socrates’ philosophy is represented in The Apology. The purpose of this…show more content…
The purpose of this focuses on disproving the statements of others. The Socratic Method was a common practice as Socrates understands that knowledge was the acknowledgment of one’s ignorance. Questions are asked to the opponent, resulting in their confusion once they realize that they have fallen into a verbal trap, which was logically calculated. Socratic Method can be seen in The Apology when Socrates explains his “divine mission” to the jury. Throughout this explanation, Socrates questions the several ranks of occupations in society. The Socratic Method is relieved in order to prove that his opponents are incorrect when they claim “Socrates is committing an injustice...he makes the weaker argument defeat the stronger and teaches others to follow his example” (Plato, 507). Socrates tries to show the jury that he is innocent and did not try to corrupt the young minds. Socrates wants to expose the residents of Athens to philosophical facts, and also demonstrate what his criticizers are really trying to do. When Socrates values the examined life, he also values critical thinking. The statements that are brought up from the questioning of the Socratic Method can convey the inner beliefs, which can then be examined. Sometimes, finding the true meaning of ones underlying beliefs can be difficult, so the Socratic Method is beneficial in that perspective. Having a person think for themself, rather than being
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