The Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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My Philosophy of Teaching

Philisophical teaching stratigies include the following disciplines, essentialism, existentialism, and many others. Of these stratigies the philisophicla approaches each include a distinct direction in the style and type of learning taking place. Lessons should include these philisophical teaching stratigies within there designed properties. Although all of the stratigies may be able to incorporate all learning disciplines and learning styles a lesson does not need to contain the entire array of philisophical stratigies. Informitive lessons may take place without all stratigies invovled.

William Bagley's essentialsim is one of the philisophical styles which I find to be a
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Progressivivsm also allows for a more dramatic personal hands provacative lessons. lessons taught in this style offen invoke a curiostiy which benefits the nature of children and their natural thirst for knowledge. A progressive mindes philosphy allows the child to learn at an accelarated rate where the child can not only read or hear the information, but experiance it as well. This is evident in lessons that may relate to specific areas or objects which can be seen on an off campus trip. Although the idea of learning away from a text is part of the progressive strategy, it is also a part of perrinialsim.

Perrinialsim uses strategies that critisize other forms and previous methods held by past teachers. Textbooks often provide information that perrinialist view inconsiquential or soon to be obsolete. This thought process allows for students to learn a basic fundamental of what should soon to be the most used part of their knowledge. This style often neglects the large factual data which can be viewed as unneccesary or unneeded. This definitive use of certain teaching subjects seems to be a hinderance toa childs overall learning curve. The intentional abbreviation of a broad band of information can severely limit a students knowladge and capabilities.

Perrinialism is not the only philosiphy to desensitize the basics and the concrete curriculum. Existentialism is also of the
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