The Phone Industry India Of Lg And Samsung

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BSCM ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED TO JOHN TAN 1.0 INTRODUCTION The phone industry in India of LG and SAMSUNG is one of the key success drivers of any growing economy and henceforth one of the world’s most important revenue generating sector. This industry has a wide range of organizations and companies which are engaged in the design, manufacturing, and selling of the products. It helps the improvement in various infrastructure facilities such as rail, road and power, thus playing a vital role in the rapid growth of the economic and industrial development. The Phone market is growing at a healthy pace because of the comparison with increasing levels of customers in India with respect to different companies in the larger phone markets of the world. Worldwide, the phone market has not only been focussing on manufacturing but also towards ensuring that one 's products are superior in terms of quality. There are numerous global players like Apple, Nokia , Sony , and many more that cater to the regular income households demanding family and attracting there child with their expanded features. Then there are other competitors of LG and Samsung which is Apple, which is because people are attracted towards there, advanced ios technology which is getting much and much better with respect to the Samsung technology of android. Goldstein, F. (2005). People are attracted towards advanced technology. In The great telecom meltdown. Boston: Artech House. This Report details out

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