The Photographer I Chose William Henry Jackson

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The photographer I chose is William Henry Jackson. This photographer stood out to me because his photography was outstanding especially of the great outdoors. After going through the pain staking process of choosing a photographer he really stood out the most because of his photos of the outdoors. Even though he is an amazing artist he did marvelous work in the American West. He was more than just a photographer he also did some work as a painter in his early and later parts of his career. William Henry Jackson was also a publisher like most artists are. But, he was always a lover of art. Early in his career at the age of 19 in 1862 he joined as a private in Company K of the 12th Vermont Infantry of the Union Army. He served during the American Civil War for about nine months and during his time he fought in a major battle, which was the Battle of Gettysburg. He spent most of his time sketching during his time in the army. He was assigned to guarding a supply train. In 1863 his regiment was dismissed. William Henry Jackson was well known for his photography of the American West. The reason he did photography about the American West was because in 1866 his brother and William took a Union Pacific Railroad train to the last stop which was near Nebraska. He then got a job as a bullwhacker on a wagon train. This company traveled along the Oregon Trail. In Omaha he open up a photography business with his brother in 1867. He did many long excursions in the Omaha region to
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