The Photography Of Producing Art

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Producing art has been a past time of mine since childhood. Through a strange turn of fate, a camera found a way into my hands and it awakened me to a whole new creative universe that I am still exploring. Seeing inspiration everywhere I began to keep a visual diary concerned with reminiscing my memories, and creative references. My children became my photography models as well. On our outings I would take pictures of them and the scenery. Snapshots of their childhood and our adventures mean more to me than most anything. Capturing them laughing and happy made me feel amazing and it was magical laughter that showed up in the photo. My camera has let me be an observer in the tapestry of life and helped develop my art of living. Photography gave me my childlike faith and passion back.
Immersing myself in the technicalities of photographic composition I became convinced that everyone is beautiful and beautifully flawed. Photography allows me to create masterpieces painted with light that reflect inspirational artists. The experts who have influenced my work are Picasso, Ansel Adams, Salvadore Dali, Vivian Maier, Jerry Ueslmann, Zemotion and Edward C. Curtis . They understood the importance of documenting moments in time and of perfecting their art. My tools are both digital camera coupled with Photoshop, LightRoom, and an analog 35mm camera. Receiving an opportunity to instruct the darkroom and advanced studio photography led to me spending hours in the darkroom.
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