The Physical And Cognitive Traits Of Human Personality And How They May Change During Middle Adulthood

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I believe that personalities do change over time and are not fixed in middle adulthood. There are a lot of factors that make up a person’s personality and we continue to learn and grow every day. I will focus on the physical and cognitive traits of human personality and how they may change during middle adulthood. Changes In middle adulthood a person may go through various physical changes that may be considered negative. Of course these effects do not happen to every person in the same way, but it can be concluded that after a certain age all human beings will experience some level of decline in their physical abilities. McGraw-Hill Higher Education (2006) states “Although some physiological changes result from aging and genetic makeup, behavior and lifestyle can affect their timing and extent.” Weight gain is one of the main concerns when growing older. The Center for Disease Control says that at least half of adults in the United States are overweight either due to genetic inheritance or a lowering basal metabolism rate (Dacey, Travers, & Fiore, L., 2009). Our muscular abilities may also be on a decline in the middle aged years because most people reach their physical peaks at around age 25. Furthermore, a person’s senses may also lose potency as time passes. The eyes begin to change at around age 40 as their elasticity disappears and yellowing occurs. By the time we reach age 50, the curvature of the iris changes and our eyes may become less receptive to light. The
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