The Physical And Mental Health Of Their Child

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The physical and mental health of their child is always a parent’s main priority and they do anything to make sure that he or she is healthy. So, finding out that your child has call bipolar disorder will disturb any concerning parent, especially if their child is young. What is this bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder, also referred to as manic depressive illness, is a disorder that causes spikes in a person’s attitude, energy level, and sometimes their desire to perform actions. ( Psychology today 2016) These symptoms can range from moderate to very severe in people of all ages. This disorder can affect many different aspects of one’s life as well. Jobs, schooling, ability to form and keep relationships, and self-esteem may be affected as …show more content…
(Rizvi 2014) For the child the child to be diagnosed with cyclothymic disorder the child would have had to show depression and hypomanic for a year or longer. (Rizvi 2014) This type of diagnosis is rare in the youth of the United States. (Rizvi 2014)
The hardest time for a child that has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder is going to school. Already struggling with their temperament, these children are forced into a situation that they cannot control. They have to interact with other students that do not have the same disorder. If they do not have to deal with being potentially picked on or feel like they do not fit in with the other children. This puts unwanted stress on the child and on the parent. These children often tend to have problems in school, making friends with other students, and getting use to an environment. (Olson 2005) They struggle to solve problems in school, unable to be organized, and plan for anything. (Wade 2006) This also heavily affects the way they interact with class mates. (Olson 2006) (Wade 2006)
Children with bipolar disorder often report feeling lonely, having chronic fear, and being frustrated often. (Wade2006) She describes some personal experiences from parents that have a child that has bipolar disorder and is between the ages of six and eleven. Those children are in grades ranging from first to sixth grade. These parents and
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