The Physical And Psychological Effects Of Bullying

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It has been highlighted from the research that the effect of bullying on both the victim and the bully can result in a wide variety of physical and psychological issues, which can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Within my theme I have mainly focussed on bullying within schools. Alamans et al (2017) stated that bullying can dispose devastating effects on a child’s personality. This includes physical, academic and psychological effects. Due to this, awareness should be given to parents in order to reinforce appropriate interpersonal interaction. The attitude of bullies can be changed by using cognitive recon- structuring that challenges dysfunctional thoughts. Research carried out by Corrieri et al (2013) suggests that cognitive recon- structuring is one of the most effective psychological treatments for common problems such as depression and anxiety disorders. Wicherts et al (2009) stated that a negative to using this strategy is the use of self-reports within the technique, particularly when carrying it out on children. As it is unclear whether a child’s report accurately reflects what he does and thinks. Aleude et al (2008) highlighted the physical effect on the victim can result in migraines, panic attacks and frequent illness. An issue with this research includes that such physical factors can be influenced by external causes, for example; stress due to academic work and personal issues within the home environment. On the other hand, Arseneault et al (2009)
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