The Physical Benefits Of Gymnastics

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Ever since I was little I’ve always looked up to my Aunt Katherine. I had wanted to be a cheerleader just like her. I loved all the cool stunts, jumps, dances, and the gymnastics incorporated into it. My favorite part has always been the gymnastics part. I have always been fascinated by its beauty and gracefulness. Over the course of my experiences I’ve learned that gymnastics can benefit one’s day to day life physically, mentally, and socially. There are several physical benefits by one doing gymnastics. Gymnastics can benefit you physically in your coordination. Little kids who do gymnastics teach there eyes the proper coordination that you need to read. Therefore these kids have an easier time learning how to read and they learn how…show more content…
With this newfound politeness one benefits in being more respectful and many other things. Therefore one is better listeners. One is not only a better listener but is also more disciplined.
One does not only socially benefit in there politeness but they also benefit in there communication skills. One who does gymnastics is less likely to be antisocial and many other things. There not only less likely to become antisocial and many other things but they also learn communication skills. Communication skills is important quality and aspect for getting a job. One learns how to handle conflict and relate positively. Positively relating to others is not the only communication skill obtained. One also learns how to work with others. One does not only benefit in there politeness and communication skills from gymnastics but also in there interactions. One who does gymnastics works and interacts with a wide range of different ages causing one to gain a social maturity which is not gained from endless hours of T.V and video games.
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One not only benefits physically and socially from gymnastics but also mentally. The interactions with a wide range of different ages not only causes social maturity but also friendships with the older kids. This friendship boost a child’s self esteem. With an increase in one’s self esteem it reduces
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