The Physical Development Of Children

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This essay consists of a critique of the major theories in relation to the development of children from birth to three years and if they apply to all children’s development. The physical development of children is explored by Freud. His theory displays children at a very young age, showing interest in their own bodies, as he believes they receive pleasure from exploring their genital area. This sexual fixation is started at infancy when the infant takes nourishment and pleasure from suckling milk from their mother’s breasts. This is labelled by Freud as the ‘Oral stage’ which lasts from birth to 18 months. The next stage focuses on the ages 2 to 3 months which consists of the anal region providing a major source of pleasurable experiences. Whilst many have found Freud’s ideas to remain influential, others discovered flaws in some of his theories, with modern thinking; analysts recognised a more advanced, critical approach towards the physical stages of development. Although his line of work remains influential, he was regarded as a prominent thinker whose theories helped broaden the concept of the human mind and how it was acknowledged that a personality is developed by childhood experiences. Another theorist who worked in this area was Klein; she developed an activity which allowed children to express themselves. Using this technique, she became aware of the importance as symbolisation depicts children’s performances of their physical understanding. Most psychoanalytic
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