The Physical Dimension Of Wellness

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Where I personally am at in the physical dimension is on the lower end for flexibility and cardiorespiratory, but around average for the muscular strength and endurance. I am a bit overweight and have been for the most recent years of my life due to lack of motivation to work to and keep off the weight. As of late, my dietary habits have been atrocious, but I hope to change that. One great thing about my physical dimension of wellness though is my great immune system. Getting sick is rare for me and only really happens once or twice a year. I do try to take care of myself nicely as I stay away from smoking, drinking, and drugs. I am lucky to not live with any smokers so being exposed to tobacco smoke is off the table and I do not live near any polluted areas. I visit the dentist every 6 months and did not have any cavities the last time I had a check-up. One bad side of my physical dimension is the shakiness in my hands. Small finger-work such as writing, typing, or even just holding an item can become a hassle if I get nervous or anxious(which is quite often). I’ve gone to the doctors about it and learned that it 's know as Essential Tremors and will get progressively worse. I am fortunate though that it is not as severe as others have it, and, plus, it makes me even a little more unique as a person. My situation in the intellectual dimension is better as I enjoy my mind. I love to read articles online and have become addicted to all of the information I read. I have
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