The Physical Pain, Mental Suffering, and Moral Wickedness of Evil

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Evil refers to physical pain, mental suffering and moral wickedness. This pain includes such major scourges as poverty, oppression, persecution, war, all injustice, indignity and inequality that occur in human societies. It is however, important to note that although a great deal of pain and suffering are caused by human action, there is much more that arises from natural causes as bacteria and earthquakes, storm, fire, lightening, flood and drought. Another type of evil that can be identified is mental evil. Evil in Plutonian sense is referred to as the absence of Good and Perfection. In this state of nothingness, as regarded the process of necessary emanation from the One, evil precedes from matter. Matter is the principle of Evil (Stump 134). From the matter, Evil is considered as the stage where irrationality or lack of perfection prevails, Evil in the Plutonian differs from African understanding of Evil. In African point of view Evil is considered as the lack of good between the individuals and always is associated with devil and not only a state of nothingness as defined by Plotinus. Evil is associated with the devil; it is a rival god that contends conflict with the good gods. Plotinus describe evil as the lack of “something” lack of perfection; lack of forms for the material body (formless), which is not in itself essentially evil. The descent of the soul to matter or material body makes the soul vulnerable to the inclinations of Evil. It can also be explained as

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