The Physical Protective Equipment ( Ppe )

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Waste collection is an ugly, dirty and physical job. Laborers in this field pick up the garbage and recycling left near residences and businesses. While performing this service, the workers face many hazards. A “hazard” is defined as “an unavoidable danger or risk, even though often foreseeable”. ( Traffic, cuts and lacerations, countless germs, needle pokes, and inclement weather are a few. Not to mention the sometimes 20 ton plus vehicle that laborers ride upon can be a hazard...slips, falls, repetitive use injuries to joints and muscles, the list is long.
In every industry, personal protective equipment (PPE) can prevent major and minor injuries, worker’s compensation cases, accidents and even deaths. The basic
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Visualize 8 hours in the snow, repetitively stepping on and off an icy truck, and lifting heavy waste, hundreds of times in a day. Now, look at a recent work day in which the Hermon, ME, area, was hit with a snowstorm that left 135,000 homes without power ( The previous day, twelve inches of snow (plus in many areas) fell from the heavens and covered the streets. The snow also landed on the many trees of the area, along with the utility lines, forcing many trees and lines to collapse. Trees landed on fences, trailers, homes, and in the streets. Thousands went without power for days. Schools were cancelled. Some businesses closed. Grocery stores had to throw away literally tons of food. Residents did the same. Many citizens stayed home and did not go about their normal way of life. Some did not go to work. The garbage and recycling trucks from Casella/Pine Tree did work. The laborers, riding on the back of the truck, also worked. Logic and reason would say a vest, goggles, and a pair of employee purchased safety boots are not enough to protect oneself while working, for that day, and most days in north central Maine.
Casella/Pine Tree Waste in Hermon provides many services. The company is involved in zero-sort recycling, which allows the customer to quickly and easily group all of their recyclables together.
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