The Physical Risk Of Abortions

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The Physical Risk of Abortions Abortions are the termination of a child based on the idea that the women who should be caring for the child will not be able to support the child, the child was the outcome of an unplanned pregnancy, the women is unfit to carry the child, or to even prevent from having a child with birth defects. Abortion has been the hot topic for debates around the world because of various views on ethics being greatly between the women 's right to choose being it her body versus the belief every child has the right to live and it is unfair to take away the life of a child period. However, legal abortion laws vary throughout the world and in some places, are even nonexistent. Therefore, women illegally take part in…show more content…
As Ansari and colleagues established, "Less than one-third of (31%) correctly demonstrated the tasks required for high quality [post-abortion care]" (5). While, Melese and colleagues found, "There were a total of nine deaths with a case fatality rate of 1.5% with significant evidence of unsafe induced abortion like use of foreign bodies, vaginal laceration and others" (10). Therefore, if Jig undergoes the illegal abortion her life would never be the same the complications. For instance, Jig would need to visit doctors frequently checkups and procedures to ensure her best possible health. Disability caused by abortions is a concern that Jig should be aware of for her case. As Dibaba and colleagues, researchers from WHO, disclose, "Hemorrhage, sepsis, obstructed pregnancy, and hypertensive disorders" are common disabilities that lead to death (2). The fact is that the abortionist may lack the skills, knowledge, and tools to prevent disabilities or even death. As Dibaba and colleagues show increased abortion care has proven to decrease physical risks although the risks are not completely gone. Also, Dibaba and collogues show, "Providers at nonperforming facilities most often cited a lack of trained staff, equipment, and supplies as the reasons for nonperformance" (9). Therefore, Jig faces great risk of various disabilities and lack of proper care. The disabilities listed by Dibaba and colleagues are common and extreme
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