The Physician 's Body For A Routine Skin Exam Essay

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As Mr. Cato sat on the examination table, the physician looked over his aging body for a routine skin exam. Luckily the man had never had many health problems because he did not have health insurance or the money to pay for the expensive medications and doctor visits that are often required. Just as the doctor was completing the exam, his wife reminded him of a lesion that had been growing on his back. Mr. Cato admonished his wife and stated that it was nothing. The physician insisted on examining the lesion to determine the severity. As he lifted up Mr. Cato’s shirt, his back revealed a dark raised lesion approximately the diameter of a softball. The physician’s facial expression indicated concern. The physician immediately ordered additional tests, including a biopsy of the lesion. Upon receipt of the biopsy result, the physician counseled with Mr. Cato and conveyed that the lesion was indeed malignant melanoma. Initially Mr. Cato was distraught as he was unsure what this diagnosis meant, and he feared he could not afford whatever treatments might be necessary to eradicate the malignancy. At a follow-up appointment, Mr. Cato was educated as to the severity of his diagnosis and the expensive surgical procedure needed to excise the melanoma. The physician was fully aware of Mr. Cato’s financial situation, and immediately began to formulate a plan to prolong this man’s life. After exhausting all of his options to find inexpensive treatment, the doctor took it upon himself

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