The Physics Of Astronomy And Astronomy

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Astronomy has always been a mind blowing factor of our existence. However, it 's not just humans doing all the work, it also the instruments. One of the instruments would be telescopes. There are many different telescopes used in astronomy, most of which are massive, and have special qualities. Although they all have great features and are well working instruments, they need innovations sometimes. Over the years they have discovered mind boggling objects, and they are still looking. Telescopes have evolved, and helped astronomers, in many ways since the first telescope was built. This telescope was built with just two lenses, and a tube, which makes the construction of modern telescopes truly fascinating. There are many telescopes in the world that astronomers use, but some of the most common, are also the most powerful. For example, the Hubble spacecraft telescope is used by NASA, the most common space organization. The Hubble was deployed into orbit around earth on April 24, 1990. With all the work and technology used to build and deploy this massive telescope, there was an unbelievable cost of 1.5 billion dollars. All in all, the spacecraft weighs a whopping 24,500 pounds. It is 43.5 feet long, and 4 feet wide in the back. Even though this telescope is so big, it only takes 97 minutes to take a full orbit around earth. The goal of the Hubble telescope was to be able to record clear images of planets, galaxies, and stars, which was a success, which makes it the most

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