The Physics Of Gravity Fed System

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Gravity Fed System In rural area of Cambodia, Water from the rainwater tank is supplied to the targeted facilities such as houses and school by gravity. Gravity is a force that attracts all the objects on the Earth surface due to the attraction exerted by the mass of the planet. This force usually fall at lowest point of the surface. In this situation, the water in the tank flows down by its own weight through pipe and run out from taps. It is applicable if the pipes and taps are lower than the level of the water in the tank itself. The formula to calculate the force acting by the height of water is as follow: P = ρgh where, [1] W: Pressure of the water (Pa) ρ: density of water (kg/m3) g: gravity of the Earth (ms-2) h: height of the water from the ground surface (m) Figure 6- Illustration of the gravity force acting on the water In addition, most of the rainwater tank in rural area of Cambodia are elevated rainwater tank and ground level water tank. Both rainwater tanks use the force of gravity to transport water by pipework to nearby houses. Main reason of using gravity force for water transportation due to it low maintanence and running cost. In addition the level of services also consistence due to low maintannece needs. Therefore for elevated rainwater tank, the foundation normally is built with four reinforced concrete tower elevated between 4m up to 9m. For ground water tank, its foundation is built 700mm above the ground level to provide sufficient

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