The Physics Of Mechanical Engineering

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In our daily life we face challenges that we can relate to mechanical engineering, one of the common examples is the temperature in metal, which is the thermal expansion. Mechanical engineers use combination of material, human and economic resources to develop mechanical solutions that help satisfy the needs and wants of society. They must be confident and accurate when making decisions. Engineers try to look at the problems in the society and come with innovative ideas in order to solve the difficulties.

Engineering industry has a wide variety of jobs such as civil engineer where you over-watch bridges, buildings, and the other important structures; it makes sure everything is up to code for large building and structures. Mechanical engineering works on mechanical systems and other complex mechanics, such as; cranes and airplane motors. Work experience as an engineer is very important because when projects are being built, calculations should be accurate in all details, otherwise the projects will fail and that may cause deaths. In addition, knowing how to react in certain situations under certain circumstances is an essential part of being an engineer. If someone who is inexperienced tries to take on a real engineer job, there could be extreme results and repercussions. One of the problems we, as engineers, face in the engineering world be when there are or could potentially be an irresponsible engineer or engineers, who are the lead project manager(s) working on

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