The Physics Of Physics Change Us Essay

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I want to go back to freshman year when I first met you and just kiss you right then and there. Why did we wait so long? One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Six years went by before we were ever made; before we went from this to that, and we finally got what we had both wanted since the day we had first met, but both somehow kept ourselves from achieving. You’re the arms ill lay in forever until the laws of physics change us. Or was it that once we have gotten here, we will tend to stay at rest, wasn’t it? Let’s go back to when we were in the room with the blackboard. It was anything you imagined once you stepped inside of it. Let’s take a trip back to that box when I drew dino-chicken nuggets on the blackboard or when I sat in my corner spot; the perfect place to watch you as you toyed with your guitar. When you kiss me, it takes me when back to when I stared at you from across the lunch yard. I wanted you to look at me. I wanted your attention to fill me up and fizz me over. But your far away gaze hollowed me out and left my lungs tripping over one another. I was afraid. Afraid of you. I wanted you, and I wanted you to want me, but I was afraid of wanting someone. Or not being wanted at all… I want you so bad. I don’t want to be buried when I die. “Sad” Long pauses rip my intestines out my bellybutton; I looked down to tremoring hands. An abyss would feel smaller than the hole that sucked my insides away. Finally, you only replies with, “You?” How could you destroy

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