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In this lab a car was created of our own making. The purpose of this lab was to use the tools given to us to create a self propelled car with speed attempting to reach the greatest distance possible. Physics is relatable to this lab because the success for this car requires the use of engineered force resulting in the distance and speed components coming to play. The amount of materials used to make the car has a definite influence in the car’s mass, likewise effecting the acceleration. How smoothly the wheels coincide with the floor will depict the amount of friction being created which as well connects back to acceleration. Physics endeavors those key elements therefore creating a relationship with this lab. Having said this, the basis of this lab reflects the very fundamentals physics is based on. Physics has multiple elements with importance to be recognized. The calculation of speed is distance/time. The calculations for acceleration is Force/Mass. The calculations for Force is Mass*acceleration. The unit for force is Newtons (n). The unit for force (n) derives on how much force that needs to be used to make a mass go faster. If there is less mass than there will be less force applied on it. If the mass is increasing the so must the force acting on it increase as well. If force increases then also should the acceleration. When the force decreases then also should the acceleration. The reason why discussing the mean is more authentic is because the average number has

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