The Physics Of The Earth 's Seasons

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Introduction: The average person believes that seasons are a result of the sun 's rotation around the Earth, but there is much more involved than what people assume. The Earth 's seasons are affected by many different factors such as the influence of different hemispheres, rotation of the sun, and greenhouse gases. They will also continue to change over time. The climate has a huge effect on the seasons and the population. The Earth 's seasons end up having a ripple effect on people, plants, animals, and agriculture that helps feed the world. Climate effects people on a regular basis in a way they do not realize.
Major Consequences: Many Centuries ago, the Babylonians used the seasons as a means for survival. They created a calendar using astronomy. This was extremely helpful in ancient times as they were able to prepare in advance when to plat and harvest different kinds of crops. The Babylonians used astronomy not only as a key to survive but it was also an act of worshipping their Gods. However, they were not aware that the Earth revolved around the sun until the Renaissance" (Crowley, 2002). Some of the first geologists developed a time scale, and they learned that over time the climate slowly began to change. Geologists were able to learn this through the study of fossils and other kinds of animal life. The first person to realize the climate change was in the 18th century by Charles Lyell. "Charles believed that the climate change was due to the distribution of
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