The Physics Of The Science Field

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The science field is always adapting and changing, as more research is executed and published. So it makes sense that editors of scientific journals should be very particular when deciding what to publish. For the summer addition of our journal we are currently deciding between two essays. While they are both well written and informative essays, we are weighing the pro and cons of publishing each paper. While going through the selection process for our journal it is very important to remember our audience and keep them in mind while choosing any paper. We look for high quality work that meets the standards our readers expect. This is a journal commonly read by college students so we strive to include scholarly works meant for higher education. Along with these standard requirements, we also look for something that is based on scientific research, as most of our readers are majoring in one of the many scientific fields. While these requirements may make it seem as though we are like any other scientific journal, there is one thing that really makes our piece of work stand out from the rest. We try to include works that focus on the changing environment and what we, as humans, can do to protect our planet. The first of the two essays, Michael Pollan’s “Love and lies”, first published in National Geographic Magazine, explains the pollination process of orchids. Pollan’s paper describes the intricate process by which orchids reproduce, giving the reader an in depth knowledge
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