The Physics : Physics, The Conditions Just After The Big Bang

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“We actually have 2 answers, one answer is what we tell people and the other answer is the truth… Answer number 1, we are reproducing the physics, the conditions just after the Big Bang. We’re doing it in this collider and we’re reproducing that so we can see what it was like when the universe just started. This is what we tell people… answer 2, we’re trying to understand the basic laws of nature… We study particles because just after the Big Bang, all there was particles. And they carried the information about how our universe started and how it got to be the way it is and it’s future” (Particle Fever). The LHC was designed in the mid 1980’s and is an ongoing collaborative effort that brings together 10,000 people of over 100 nationalities. This group consisted of particle physicists, in particular experimentalists and theorists. Without one, the other could not exist. The experimentalists build machines, run experiments, analyze data, and try to discover things. The theorists construct the theories behind the concrete physics taking place. In order to connect such a widespread network of people, the world wide web was invented at CERN so that data could be shared (Particle Fever). Some of these people have spent their entire careers with one objective - explain the string theory, and most importantly, find the Higgs particle. The Higgs particle is the only remaining particle in the Standard Model that has not been discovered. As the final piece to the puzzle, physicists

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