The Physics in Gymnastics

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Physics is involved in all 4 gymnastics events in many ways. Vault,bars,beam and floor are the 4 competitive gymnastics events that all involve physics. One thing about vault is you have to be in the best shape to be able to complete a vault. you have to have powerful legs, arms, core, and a large mental capacity to focus. You need to be flexible and have good agility to complete a vault. While running down the runway the gymnast must reach a total of 17 mph before they hit the springboard so they have enough power. The gymnasts hands and arms spring the body as high as 13 feet in the air. Torque or the amount of force used on an object, is important for the gymnast to rotate. The more torque, the more rotation he or she will achieve. Angular velocity or the speed that something is rotating, is also very important and is determined by torque. If the gymnasts center of mass is as small as it can be then the gymnast will rotate very fast. also the gymnast must come out of the stunt at just the right time so they can stick the landing. Bars is a very difficult event. The gymnast competing has to have a lot of upper body strength to be able to hold up their body weight. When beginning a bar routine the gymnast starts with a giant swing to build up power and get angular momentum. The greater the torque the gymnast uses the greater amount of swings the gymnast can take. When doing a skill called “giants” the gymnast tucks their mass in to decrease their amount of
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