The Physiological Effects of Fear

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Fear is an emotion that is extremely common among every species, but does it affect the body and not just the brain? How does one person react to the rush of chemicals in the brain all stemmed from being afraid? Fear is often linked to “stress” and “stress” is often linked to many medical conditions. Being afraid can cause large adrenaline rushes that cause strange side affects. Fear goes under many names, anxiety, panic, and horror all different branches from fear. Fear can also effect different parts of the body, and they will react differently to the emotion. Fear has a way of controlling the body and reaching far past the mind, and editing many of the daily processes the body performs. Fear is medically defined as “ an unpleasant…show more content…
Horror is such a radical feeling that it has been opened to the entertainment industry because if its dramatic effects. Horror is also dangerous and can lead to previously mentioned panic attacks. Also, the panic attacks stemming from horror have been found to be more fatal than panic attacks brought on by other sources. All types of fear have different effects on the body, and different parts of the body handle the parts in their own fashion. One of the main organs that deals with fear is the brain. The mind has a way of connecting fearful experiences with memories causing them to go together every time you recall one of the two. Even memories we can not consciously recall end up connecting with the real memories. The heart reacts to fear differently as well, because it is what delivers blood to the rest of the body, which carries the oxygen humans need. Recall that anxiety caused increased breathing, and increased breathing requires twice the oxygen, or sometimes more. This challenges the heart to pump blood carrying the oxygen at a double-time pace, forcing the heart muscles to strain and pump much harder. When the heart can no longer handle how much blood needs to be pumped, it fails, causing heart attack. Adrenal glands are another bodily organ that has a performance that can be edited by fear. The brain’s amygdala activates the autonomic
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